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Determining The Value of Hummel Figurines

The value of an authentic Hummel Figurine takes a lot of things into consideration. I receive many emails from people wanting to know what I think the value of their Hummel is. The truth is, the best way and most effective way of getting an accurate appraisal is by going to a certified appraiser. But….there are some things that can give you a rough idea and I will explain those below.

There are four very important factors in determining the value of Hummel Figurines. Firstmost, is the trademark. Second, is the mold number, third is the size of your Hummel and last but not least is the condition your Hummel is in. Since the explanations can get very detailed, I am just going to give you a short course so that you will have some idea.

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M.I. Hummel Miniatures

In California you can find a shop called Goebel Miniatures where they produce miniature renditions of the M.I. Hummel figurines. These miniatures are about the size of a dime. This shop is the only shop and the sole producer of these little miniatures.

A few years before this shop came about, an artist by the name of Robert Olszewski made several miniature replicas of Hummel figurines in gold. He was not aware that he needed to get permission from Goebel in order to do this. Before Goebel found out about Robert’s work and stopped him, he had made the following five miniatures:

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