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How to Care for Your Doll

Tips and Tricks on Doll Cleaning & Preservation

This is a pretty lengthy newsletter this month, but contains valuable information for doll collectors. In this newsletter, we explain tips and tricks to the care and preservation of your doll depending on which kind you have.

Porcelain Dolls
With porcelain, the decorations are usually fired on, so it would be unlikely that that you would hurt them by cleaning. Use warm soapy water. If this doesn’t work good enough, try a wet eraser to remove marks. As a last resort, very, very gently clean with a low abrasive cleaner such as Tilex or Soft Scrub. Use caution because some cleansers have bleaching agents that could be devastating to antique clothing, wigs or bodies. Ultra violet rays can be very damaging to porcelain dolls, so when you are displaying your doll, avoid direct sunlight.

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