Santa Children Pyramid


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Richard Glaesser GmbH


At 17 inches tall, this Santa Children pyramid is one of our larger pyramids with three tiers. The wood is hand painted in a red and white colors and features Santa’s children on the first and second tiers. When the candles are lit, heat rises, causing the the paddles to turn, which then rotates the tiers. It is imported from the Erzgebirge region, this pyramid is made by the notable Richard Glaesser company.


Richard Glaesser

Endearing and expressive turned-wood figures have made the Erzgebirge workshop Richard Glaesser GmbH world famous. Our experienced artisans produce Mary, Joseph and the Christ-child, sometimes painted and sometimes left in natural wood. In most cases these delicate figures are placed on a valuable pyramid. Collectors appreciate the figures as our signature and recognize our pyramids because of the typical Glaesser figures.
Richard Glaesser GmbH

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