German Wine Glasses – Engraved with Green Stem




These Roemer German wine glasses are the classic design featuring the traditional forest green ribbed stem and base. Leaves, vines and grapes are hand-engraved  into the bowls of each glass using a diamond wheel.  Unlike being etched, these glasses have depth to the engraving that you can see and feel and the result is very elegant.  You may have seen these in Germany on the Rhine River cruises and popular restaurants.

The stem is made by a pressed mold and then finished by mouth blowing. The bowls of each glass are then 100% mouth blown. The last process is engraving the design onto the bowls. Because of the handmade process and as in all fine crystal, you may notice a few bubbles and inconsistencies. This is simply a sign of hand-craftsmanship and not a defect in the glasses.

Set of 6 Glasses: $150.00
Individual Glass: $25.00

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5.5 in


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