Edelweiss Charm Necklace (with Pearls)


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The Edelweiss charm necklace is the perfect compliment to your Oktoberfest outfit or if you just want to wear a little bit of Germany.  This necklace is 11 inches long and in between the pearls are Alpine charms including a heart, an Alpine deer and more Edelweiss flowers.  The large Edelweiss flower featured in the front has Swarovski crystals as it’s center.

Edelweiss flowers are representative of Germany where they grow at high altitudes in the alps and have an interesting story behind them.  For more information on this German flower, read the meaning behind Edelweiss flowers.

  • SKU: J132
  • Size: 11″
  • Silver Plated Charms
  • Ornamental Pearls
  • Adjustable Clasp

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