Fedora German Hat – Dark Gray




This Fedora German hat is in a dark gray color and is made in Germany.  It comes with a permanently attached feather and comes with a four tier roped border in a green color.  The feather is made from Ostrich and pheasant feathers.

This hat is wool and has a soft brim which slightly turns up in the back.  The crown area is indented on the left and right sides as typically seen in Fedora hats.  This hat is a bit more wooly and softer than our red or green Fedora hats and makes a great choice for daily wear or events such as the Oktoberfest.

The Fedora German hat should fit about a finger’s width above your eyebrow and just over the top of your ears.  Fedora hats are typically worn with the back part of the hat tilted slightly up.  The Fedora German hat is made to be worn by men or women.

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Weight 24 oz


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