Alpine Edelweiss Garland


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The Alpine edelweiss garland is a wreath full of edelweiss flowers and leaves intertwined in green and yellow ribbons.  It makes the perfect hair accessory to compliment your German dirndl.  The white flowers also makes it a great choice for weddings.

This garland has an elastic band and it will fit adults and children.  In the back, the yellow and green streamers flow into your hair and are about 15 inches in length.  The flowers are made from a polyester material.

Edelweiss flowers have an interesting story behind them and are a cherished symbol in Austria and Switzerland.

The garland wreath which is typically worn as a hair accessory, may also be used as a decoration.  They can be used to decorate the pews or chairs in a wedding, table decorations, Christmas trees, theme parties and more.

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