Black Forest Cuckoo Clock – 1 Day Weight Driven


Engstler Cuckoo Clocks


This Black Forest cuckoo clock is in a chalet style and features a little girl on her rocking horse with a fawn on the other side. The cuckoo bird cuckoos and gongs once on each half hour and number of hours on the hour. When this clock cuckoos, the rocking horse moves back and forth.  This is a full size cuckoo clock and very ornate.

  • SKU: D4715
  • Size: 10″H x 10″W x 6.5″D
  • One Day Weight Driven
  • Manufactured by Englster
  • Imported from Germany



ENGSTLER Black Forest clocks are a perfect example of quality, careful workmanship and of the love for details. This is one of the reasons why our black forest cuckoo clocks are appreciated world-wide.
Engstler Cuckoo Clocks

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Weight 96 oz


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