German Smokers

In Germany, incense was traditionally burned to bless the homes after warding off evil spirits from the longest nights of the year (Raunaechte).

After the 30 year-religious war (1618 – 1648), that was fought in Germany, Smokers, also known as “Rauchermann” were born. Smokers are traditional handcrafted wooden items that started in the Erzgebirge Mountains. When finding gold in the mountains became scarce and when mines started shutting down, the miners would make smokers. This explains why many of the smokers you see today resemble the people that lived and worked in the Erzgebirge region.

Today, smokers are made in many different regions of Germany and come in many different varieties and styles. One thing they still have in common is the incredible detail and beautiful workmanship Germany is known for all over the world.

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