Beer Steins

Our beer steins are imported from Germany and made by worldwide recognized  manufacturers such as King, TheWalt, Artina and others.  They come in an assortment of themes and sizes and can be used to drink from or as a decorative piece.  Most of our steins are made of stoneware, but you will also find some made from handcrafted pewter as well.

All of our steins are safe to drink from and made with food safe materials.  Our beer steins carry a stamped seal of authenticity, so you can be assured you are getting an authentic product and not a reproduction.  Our pewter steins are all at least 95% pewter and also safe to drink from.  Lead is no longer used in the production of pewter drinking vessels.

Need some help with translating the German on your beer stein?  Check out our 1001 beer stein translations.