How to Measure Your Hat Size

There are a couple of different ways to measure your hat size.

Use a Flexible Tape Measure
The easiest way would be to use a flexible tape measure – the same kind you use when sewing.  Wrap the tape around your head to where the brim of the hat would rest.  This is usually about one finger’s width above the top part of your ears and three finger widths above your eyes in the front.  Note the size in centimeters and this would be the size you choose when selecting one of our hats.

Use a String
If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, another way would be to use a string.  Wrap the string around your head in the same way, one finger’s width above the top of your ears and three fingers width above your eyes.  Mark it where it meets, then lay it flat on a table.  Take a regular tape measure or a ruler and measure the length.

If your tape measure only shows inches instead of centimeters, use the chart below to calculate your hat size.

Adult Hat Sizes Children’s Hat Sizes
Inches Centimeters Hat Size Inches Centimeters Hat Size
22 56 7 19 48 6
22-3/8 57 7-1/8 19-3/8 49 6-1/8
22-3/4 58 7-1/4 19-3/4 50 6-1/4
23-1/8 59 7-3/8 20-1/8 51 6-3/8
23-1/2 60 7-1/2 20-1/2 52 6-1/2
23-7/8 61 7-5/8 20-7/8 53 6-5/8
24-1/4 62 7-3/4 21-1/4 54 6-3/4
24-5/8 63 7-7/8 21-5/8 55 6-7/8