Consumer Product Safety Regulations – Engel Puppen

To our customers – please read this important information from the owner of Engel Puppen Dolls.

As a small family business, we have always taken strict precautions to make our dolls safe for Children to play with.

European as well as American safety regulations forbid the use of phthalates in toys. Our dolls are made from phthalate-free vinyl. The plasticizer that we use is Hexamoll Dinch by BASF. For more information on this, please visit

By the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008”, US legislative now requires each child’s product to be tested by an independent laboratory before sold in the USA.

We are currently offering a variety of several hundred dolls and doll items, and for each of them, testing costs between several hundred and many thousand Dollars would apply to meet the law. Laboratory testing would exceed our revenues more than a hundredfold.

Another requirement of the law is to mark each child’s product with a tracking label, that identifies a manufacturing batch, and allows the manufacturer conclusions to the material batches used in each product batch. Most of our products are manufactured individually, so a manufacturing batch would in many cases be for one piece only. The enormous bureaucratic effort to link a list of dozens of materials used on an individual item to a list of thousands of materials from different batches that we have in stock and re-stock permanently is not achievable with a reasonable financial effort.

Most of our dolls have been playable and collectable ever since, and never did we hear about any harm that a child had from playing with one of them. Anyway, for the above reasons, we have decided to offer our products as collectable only in the future and do not provide MSDS sheets.

Please be assured however, that we will continue to deliver our well-known high quality, all hand-made in Germany.

If it is acceptable for you, that the dolls you order from us are marked as collectibles, and according to US law must not be given in the hands of children, we will be happy to ship them to you.

Markus Engel