How to Care for Your Wool Hat

Alpine Hiking Hat
Alpine Hiking Hat

Wool Facts
Unlike most materials, wool breathes. It can absorb up to 25 – 30% of its own weight in water vapor without even feeling wet. Wool works great in keeping you warm without adding weight. This is because there are millions of tiny little pockets in wool that trap warm air inside them and as a result, keeping you warmer than most other types of fibers.

Caring for wool is very easy as it naturally repels dirt. Wool is also very strong. It has a natural elasticity to it and can be bent thousands of times without causing any damage.

How to Care for Your Wool Hat
Our wool hats are water treated and pre-shrunk so you should not have to worry about shrinkage. Below are our recommendations for keeping your hat in the best possible condition:

  • Keep your hat out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat as this can yellow the wool fibers.
  • Sometimes with wool hats, should they become wet, they tend to like to retain the shape they dry in. If your hat should become wet, make sure the brim and crown are in the shape you want as it dries.
  • Dust can be removed with a small brush with fine bristles. We recommend using a brush made from horsehair. You should brush in the direction of the fibers, not against them. Another way to remove dust is by using a slightly damp cloth or even using a can of compressed air can be very effective in removing dust. Last but not least, you can always use special tape designed just for cleaning these types of products. The dust and dirt particles stick to the tape as you pat your hat with the tape pieces.
  • For stains you can try a powdered cleanser. There are many available to choose from.
  • Finally, if your hat has become excessively dirty, we recommend you have it dry cleaned.

How to Correct a Wool or Felt Hat That Has Shrunk
Wool hats have the ability to return to it’s natural shape over and over again no matter how many times you wash it. Sometimes you may notice that the hat has appeared to shrink in size which is normal for wool because of its elasticity. All that you need to do is stretch it a little bit while it’s still damp to bring it back to it’s original shape. Using a tea kettle or iron to create steam to slightly moisten your hat is sometimes all you need to do to correct the shape.