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Determining The Value of Hummel Figurines

The value of an authentic Hummel Figurine takes a lot of things into consideration. I receive many emails from people wanting to know what I think the value of their Hummel is. The truth is, the best way and most effective way of getting an accurate appraisal is by going to a certified appraiser. But….there are some things that can give you a rough idea and I will explain those below.

There are four very important factors in determining the value of Hummel Figurines. Firstmost, is the trademark. Second, is the mold number, third is the size of your Hummel and last but not least is the condition your Hummel is in. Since the explanations can get very detailed, I am just going to give you a short course so that you will have some idea.

hummel trademarksTrademarks
Hummel TrademarksTrademarks identify when your Hummel was made and have varied over the years. You will find this on the bottom of your Hummel usually stamped or incised into the underside base of the Hummel. There are currently a total of 8 trademarks each representing a specific era. The trademarks you see listed here are pretty general for the eras. Within each era there were variations of the trademarks, so keep this in mind when you are looking at your Hummel.

Mold Numbers
This is the most important factor in identifying any MI Hummel Figurine. Mold numbers are like an identification to the specific piece. It tells the number the Hummel was assigned usually with a slash and another number after that which usually refers to the size or size suffix. For example, when a new Hummel is made, it is always assigned a new number. Then years later when a different size of the same Hummel is born, they will assign it the “mold number plus /I or mold number plus /II”. After 1952 with the introduction of the figurine, Serenade (mold 218) they decided to identify the standard size of a Hummel by putting a “0” after the slash. Also, some of the earliest Hummels you will notice do not even have a second number because they did not start implementing this procedure until the later years. Actually, it can get pretty confusing to go into greater detail on this, because there were variations in this too. But at least you should have a general idea.

The reason I list this feature is because some sizes are rare and some are common. You may have a Hummel where many were made of that specific size. But the person next to you may have the same Hummel in a size where only a few were made and thus can increase the value quite a bit.

If your Hummel has cracks or crazing, chips or broken pieces, this will definitely affect the value of your Hummel. Even if it has been repaired and it is not noticeable, a certified appraiser will be able to detect this. Nowadays the technology has gotten so good that you can’t tell with the naked eye that a Hummel has been repaired. They used to use black lights to detect glue on repaired Hummels. Now because of advanced technology, they have to x-ray them in order to tell.

Many people have asked me and have not understood why an older Hummel they have is not worth as much as a newer Hummel. When you take all the above into consideration it can make quite a difference on the value of your Hummel. So just because you have a Hummel that is not so old, don’t think for a moment that it can’t be worth very much. It depends on many factors.

How can you find out the value of your Hummel? The best way is to keep a close eye on auction sites such as Ebay. There are also many books available to help you in determining values, or just doing a search online for Hummel values can turn up some interesting information.

7 thoughts on “Determining The Value of Hummel Figurines

  1. Where can you purchase authentic Hummel. You see a lot on eBay but not sure if authentic.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Christina – is one site that I know of.

  2. I have boy cellist trademak v with small bee excellent condition

  3. I have a TMK1 Stormy Weather Hummel # 71. It has four cracks in the umbrella and two chipped tips. Little touch of crazing on the base. It needs a cleaning. What is it worth in this condition? Thank you

    1. Hello Mary –

      The best way to get an idea of what your Hummel is worth is to visit Ebay and do a search on your hummel. Then you can view just the completed items (an option you can check on the left side of the page) to see what the same items have sold for.

  4. What is the difference in Berta Hummel, Gobel Hummel and MI Hummel?

    1. To understand the difference between Berta and MI Hummels, you can find information here:

      In answer to what is a Geobel Hummel, all Hummels which were produced between 1935 and 2008 were produced by Goebel, but not all items marked Goebel are Hummels. A true Hummel will bear the signature of MI Hummel and today are made by Manufaktur Roedental GmbH under the direction of Joerg Koester.

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