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Order Tracking

We ship with the United States Postal system.

When your order leaves our warehouse, you will be sent an email with the delivery confirmation number (if you ordered via Priority Mail) or the Express Mail id number if you ordered via Express Mail.

To track the progess of your shipment, please visit

Please note that delivery confirmation numbers are not actual tracking numbers, but rather a system the post office uses to confirm that package has arrived at its destination. The packages are scanned when they are delivered to the destination.

We ask our post office to scan these packages for us from the moment they leave so that our customers may see the progress when in delivery. Although our post office may do this for us, this may not be the case when the package reaches other post offices. Should you notice that there doesn't appear to be any tracking information when looking up your delivery confirmation number, this does not mean that the package is not in transit, but rather that other post offices are not scanning the packages. Your order will most likely be delivered within 2-3 days of receiving your shipping notice from us.

Express mail packages do carry a tracking number and these packages are scanned at every stop and have a guaranteed delivery date.


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