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Here you will find valuable information on German collectibles, Beer Steins and general information as well as collecting tips and tricks.

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About Edelweiss Flowers

The Best Places to Visit in Germany

The History of the Roemer Wine Glass

How to Get Married In Germany

Salzburg, Austria
(Travel Guide)

Driving in Germany

What is Fasching?

Real German Food - Is it Really?

The Story Behind German Smokers

Different Doll Types Explained

Prost! Types of German Beers

Made in Germany - Is it Really?

About Charlot Byi and Her Figurines

Modern Era Beer Steins

How to Care For Your Collectible Doll - Tips and Tricks

Which Stein is Which?

About M.I. Hummel Miniatures

What to Look For When Buying Collectibles

How Can I Tell the Value of My Hummel?

The Difference Between Berta and MI Hummels

Tips on Doll Collecting

Interesting Facts About German Beer Steins

Hummel Figurines are not Problem Free!

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