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Military Beer Steins - All 1/2 price!

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Regimental or Military steins reflect the time peiod between 1870 to 1914 and were a result of the Franco-Prussian War (1840 - 1871).

After the war, the Imperial German Armed Forces was broken into six different divisions which were the Infantry, Cavalry, Technician Troops, Artillery, Colonial Guard and Suppy Train and the Navy.

It was considered an honor when a reservist's time of duty was finished and often they were sold or given one of these steins of his choice. Decorations which reflected the division he was in were applied. These steins have now become family heirlooms and today, replicas are made.

We welcome you to browse our selection of replica military steins. All of our Military steins have the lithophanes on the bottom.

Air Force - Air Ship Stein
Infantry Stein
Artillery Stein
Navy Stein Military Navy Stein      

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