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Stoneware Stein Decorations

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Stoneware SteinsIn general, the body of a stoneware stein is decorated by using one, two or three different techniques - raised-relief decoration, incised decoration, or transfer decoration.

Of the three, raised-relief is by far the most popular. Also, known as bas-relief, this technique refers to a three-dimensional, highly detailed subject area that is "raised" above the background area of a stein.

Incised decoration, also known as etched decoration, is equally authentic and attractive, yet not nearly as well known. The primary reason is that it is a more complex and expensive technique. The subject outline of the incised stein is actually etched into the body, thus creating the design.

Transfer, or decal decoration is normally the least expensive decoration. Nevertheless, modern technology now allows us to reproduce the finest, details of portraits, paintings, and photography, thereby creating very attractive and reasonably priced steins.


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