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Mug, Jug, Tankard, Flask or Goblet?

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Beer Mugs

These terms are generally used to describe the various drinking vessels that are available. Some are interchangeable, but the following definitions usually apply.

A drinking vessel that always has a handle and is generally transfer (decal) decorated. It has no lid, nor was it ever intended to have a lid.

A drinking vessel with a handle. Usually, but not always, this piece has a lid. Most handles are made with either a small hole on the top, upper surface, or with slight indentations near the top. The hole and indentations help hold the lid strap in place.

A stein that is generally at least one litre in volume. It may or may not have a lid. It always has a lip for easy pouring.

This word actually has two meanings. It refers to the English 1/2 pint or 1 pint individual drinking vessels. Secondly, a tankard is also a beerstein that is a least 1-1/2 litres in size. Sometimes this can be a confusing term. Sometimes you will also hear people refer to these large steins as jumbo or accent pieces.

A "flat" bottle with a small, narrow opening. It always has a lid or cork, but is rarely permanently attached. Originally designed for travel.

Describes a bowl-shaped vessel 1/8 to 1/2 litre in volume, supported by a "foot" or base. No lid, no handle.


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