Die Siedler von Catan

Die Siedler von Catan
Game Review

Rating from 1 to 10 (10 being highest)
Complexity: 4
Design: 5
Strategy: 5
Fun: 10

When this game was published in 1995, it was directly made Germany´s Game of the Year 1995. Honestly, I think it´s worth this honor since its one of the best and easiest going strategy-games available.

The gaming concept is simple but intriguing. A continent is formed by spreading out hexes containing different (resource-giving) landscapes. 2 to 4 players place their 2 starting towns on the map and might collect resources from the adjacent hexes.

With these resources they might build Roads, Towns, Cities or they might also buy Development-Cards by which they can gain Knights or Technical Progress or Victory Points.

Apart from using development cards, the players also get vicotry points for each town and city, and for owning the most knights and for having the longest road across the continent. The player who first has accumulated 10 Victory Points wins.

This fairly simple game really brings lot of fun. Land and space is scarce on the continent of Catan and the players will have to trade resources to make any progress. And trading with other players for the really needed iron might cost you at least three units of your precious wool....

Another big plus of the game is the low price and the fine game design. The game costs in Germany about DM 40,- , which is quite a low price for a good boardgame, and the playing pieces are made from wood and give the game a very nice look indeed.

Note: This game is for up to 4 players.  By adding an expansion pack, more players can be added.  Best suited for ages 8 and up.


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